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Regain Your Hair with NeoGraft

It looks like your worst fears are coming true. You’re experiencing hair loss, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop it. Think again! NeoGraft is here to put your fears to bed. An incredible new hair transplant technique, NeoGraft is what all men with hair loss have been waiting for. How can this be any better than the other methods for restoring hair?

NeoGraft® is:

  • • The least invasive hair transplant procedure

  • • Does not use stitches or staples

  • • Avoids scarring patients

  • • Does not cause numbness

  • • A swift recovery time

  • • Provide hair that appears natural

  • • More freedom after the procedure

  • • Allows for many styles of hair


It’s time for you to take back your hair, and take back your life! There’s nothing stopping you from returning to the way things should be. Take this opportunity and use NeoGraft to make the change that you want to see in your life.

Dermatology Specialists

The product of a combination between two of the greatest dermatology practices in the greater Denver metro area, Dermatology Specialists are the dream team of skin care. Dealing with everything from skin cancer to hair loss, these experts will provide for all of your dermatological needs. Excelling in the use of NeoGraft hair restoration, transplant and replacement, Dermatology Specialists have been highly successful in restoring hair to their patients. Not to mention that with their Boulder location maintaining use of the Mohs surgery for skin cancer, Dermatology Specialists are among the top dermatological practices. Don’t wait any longer, if you need skin care, go to Dermatology Specialists in Boulder, Colorado, or call (303) 442-6647 now!

Your Own Hair.


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